Our Mission

Diocese of Liwolo exist to demonstrate Christ unconditional love and builds hope in the hurting world through disciples making, and selfless service in order to restore human dignity, empowered to thrive and experience the test of dignified life of traumatized and most poor of the wold .

Our Vision

Diocese of Liwolo envision Christ centered, Holy spirit fills and holistically transformed Church and communities .

Our Core Values

  • Growing into Christ-likeness; live as Christ lived and do as Christ did.
  • Demonstrate Christ unconditional love in His Church and His world¬†
  • Committed to uphold Integrity by any cost
  • Believe in safe and peaceful environment where Social justice flourishes
  • We are call to serve without counting the cost (Selfless service )
  • Good steward and accountability¬†

Rural Household Community Transformation (RHCT)


RHCT envision empowered rural households, free from hunger, poverty; thrive and experience the test of dignified life


RHCT is committed to undertake effective professional activities to improve and transform the lives of the rural households and the children to thrive through quality education, agriculture, primary healthcare, clean and safe water and entrepreneurship opportunities.