Our Health Projects

Mission; dedicated to being Christ’s instrument leading in the provision of excellent and quality Primary Health Care services to rural communities through subsidized cost.

As JRC is passionate to envision a healthy, thriving, and happy community, its core values are;

  • Professionalism
  • Competence

Jehovah Rapha Clinic (JRC) in Mijale

JEHOVAH RAPHA CLINIC (JRC) is a church-founded clinic by the Diocese of Liwolo, a non-profit making, challenged by worse health conditions of the rural poor, compel by the love of Jesus Christ and for the people, not only committed to restoring hope, healing, and happiness of the patient and the community but to see a thriving community.

The health clinic project is located in Kerwa Sub County, Yumbe district which is run by two qualified senior clinical officers, two nurses, a laboratory technician, a cleaner, and two watchmen.

A total of 7,862 patients have been seen so far from January 2019 to December 2019 in the Clinic.

Supply of Medical Equipments

Our New Microscope in the Laboratory

The medical equipment includes a Microscope, Typhoid Igg/Igm testing strip, Glass slide 25×75, touch glucose strip code 25, Alcohol pad, Field stains, H-pyloric test kit, Vacutainer tubes, Rheumatoid factor latex reagent, Malaria RDT, Urine reagent strip 10 parameters, Vacutainer needle, Concentrated JIK, Distilled water, Battery water (Chloride Exide).

More medical equipment’s still required in the clinic for the efficient running of the medical services.

Health Training Project

1000 women were trained in Family spacing, Malaria prevention, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Imvepi, Matu, Gobor, Mijale, Bulomoni and Yangani of the Refugee Settlements and self-settled areas. 1000 Mosquito nets were distributed during the training and 50 water filters to the most vulnerable.



Toe Edward, 60 years and lives in Mijale

Before the operation, I haven’t been seeing well, It has been affected since 3 years ago, It started with one, then after a year, I can only see what is near, only one meter away.

One of the eyes was paining so much, it hurt most time.

After the operation, the pain was fair that night, but the following day, the pain has gone. I can now see a distance of 5 meters away.

I am so thankful to CRESS UK/ DOL for supporting us with this eye project beginning with the screening and now the surgery. As a beneficiary, I am so happy for the support.

May God give you more wisdom on this eye project to extend this again in the future as many of our people are affected. Also, teach our children to learn how to operate our eyes so that the project will stay with us for a lifetime.

Again thank you so much. God bless you.

Marry Ropi, 62 years old and lives in Mijale

Before the operation, my eyes have not been seeing well for two years now. The left one is fairly good but the right one is the worst.

One of the eyes was paining so much, it hurt most time.

The night of the operation was a little challenging with so much pain. Now it’s somehow fair, with the medication going on, I believe it will be okay. Am glad I can be able to see some distance away.

I am so grateful to CRESS UK/ DOL for supporting us with this eye Surgery beginning with the screening and now the surgery. I personally, I am thankful for the work which was brought to us, up to where we live in Mijale. Its been very expensive to get this service, and we can’t afford it, when the chance came, I welcomed it with two hands and am glad to be a beneficiary of this great eye work.

May God give you guide you through this project

Thank you so much. God bless you all including the doctors for the successful operation on her.

Thank you so much. God bless you all including the doctors for the successful operation on her.

Roba Milton is 56 years old and lives in Matu.

Before the operation, my first eye problem started in March 2021, the two eyes were both affected, it hurts and pains so much. The two eyes were not seeing completely. They have to move me with a second hand. It was so challenging. I struggled a lot.  When I received the news about the eye project for the Diocese of Liwolo, I was so excited and asked my people to take me to Mijale for the screening, which was done.

And now, after the first operation on the right eye, I can see again, am so grateful and hopeful to the doctors that the left eye too will be operated on successfully.

I am so delighted to CRESS UK/ DOL for supporting us with this eye Surgery. Personally, I am grateful for the work which was extended to us freely without pay. I couldn’t miss this golden opportunity. I missed the opportunity to be taken to the clinic because I couldn’t afford it. There are no funds. I come from a very poor family where finding money is very hard because we did not go to school.

Thank you so much. God bless you and the doctors for the works of their hands.

Looking forward to restoring my vision through this eye surgery. You are a blessing to my life even in old age.

After the operation of the second eye, I could not wait for the next day for the cotton to be removed, the following morning, at about 9 am, when the cotton was removed, I was so glad when both of my eyes could see. I am so happy because both my eyes can see now. Thank you once again CRESS UK/DOL and the doctors for restoring my sight back. I did not believe that I will ever see him again.

May God bless you abundantly and reward you. Continue sharing the light with many whose eyes have been darkened with blindness in our community.