Murye Scopas Edward, one of the College students during the online computer classes


To enhance all Cress College Students with Basic Computer skills and knowledge in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

skill set

Word Processing and Excel

Work with documents and save them in different formats

Use available help resources, shortcuts and the go to tool to enhance productivity

Create and edit Word & Excel documents that will be ready to share

Apply different formats and styles to enhance documents

Insert tables, pictures, graphs and draw objects in documents

Adjust document page settings and check and correct spelling before printing

Cress Uk in Partnership with Diocese of Liwolo

Education department | online computer  skilling training in ms word and ms excel

How the skilling program helped the STUDENTS?

This online computer skilling program has enabled many of the college students to use their new laptops with ease! It enhanced laptop user-friendliness

This online computer skilling program has empowered the students with skills on formatting documents to improve its outlook

This online computer skilling program has helped the students who are writing their report on industrial practice improve on their reports and incorporate illustrations such as objects, pictures, graphs in their reports

about the classes

The online computer skilling program started in mid-May when the idea was initiated and implementation started right away. It started with students who are in Arua that included Jackeline Gire, Dube Daniel, Ivan Kenyi, Alia Gloria who started learning by coming to the office in Arua.

This was followed by Celina attending her computer classes in Mijale. Finally, when Cress UK funded the online classes, all the 15 Cress College students enrolled for the online computer training Courses from Saylor Academy in the UK supervised by Scopas!

The classes run from Monday to Friday and each course is ended with Certificate Final Exam. Most of the students received their award of Certificate

students collaboration

All the students could collaborate on the WhatsApp platform for inquiries.

Dube, Mabe, Celina, Ivan Kenyi, Kenyi Scopas, Vitoria, Jackie, Jokudu, Viola, Alia, Evaline, Monica, Godfrey, Guli, and Murye Scopas collaborated.

Success Stories From The Students

“My name is Murye Scopas Edward, am a Software Engineering Student at Aptech Computer Education Kampala. This online computer skilling training program has enabled me to update my skills to the latest, I have learned to collaborate with my colleagues through Google Sheets which is purely online, two or three of us can work on the same sheet!! I learned these skills in this Course. Therefore, I want to thank Cress UK particularly Our Dear Caroline for her initiative to fund this online computer skilling Courses and the Diocese of Liwolo for implementing the idea.”
“My name is Viola Poni Pitia, am a Human Nutrition and Dietetics student at Bukalasa Agricultural College. This online computer skilling training program has enabled me to learn how to write memos, business letter, cover letters. These skills help me in applying for jobs and designing lesson plans on Nutrition and I have a bigger goal,” To write a book about my career, and this knowledge and skills will help a lot” Yet another biggest vision in my heart is to “Build an Orphanage for street children and rejected orphans in some years to come” Therefore, I want to thank Cress UK team and the Diocese of Liwolo for the idea to fund this online computer skilling Courses”
“Hey, hey, hey, Alia Gloria Andruga here a student of Logistic and Procurement at Uganda College of Commerce, Pakwach.   Ebenezer, how far the Lord has brought us, am so humbled for everything Cress has done and is still doing in my life and lives of many. It shall never be in vain. The word thank you can never end in my heart and now for the ongoing computer training and the support of the money for the internet bundles, am so happy and I have been able to learn how to create Google Documents, writing Business and Memos and many more, that will help me in future to write reports, applications in search of jobs, write books among others. I appreciate every single effort. God bless you, Lots of Love, bye.”  
“My name is Mabe Bosco Taban, a student of Medical Laboratory Technology at Chemequip Medical School, Kampala. Hello, I am very thankful to Caroline and scopas for the time, resources and support you have been giving to the online-based learning program on word document and Google document, and on spreadsheet at Saylor academy. Through the online based learning, I am able to make a lot of difference. In word and Google document, I added ideas on organization of work, formatting, editing and creating word and Google documents and many more. While in spreadsheet, I added skills on formulas, charts, data bars complex Math, etc. All that was attained through your support on our online based study program and I really appreciate everything you are doing to help us succeed. Your helpful ideas, and inputs in all forms are making valuable improvement in us. I want to thank you so much for your continued support, time and efforts you are taking in grooming us to be responsible and skillful. Thanks.”    
“My name is Ivan Kenyi, a student of Accounting and Finance at UCC, Pakwach. Hi dear Caroline, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn something new from the training and I really enjoyed it because Murye made it easy for me to understand. I have gained more experience in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, Gmail and some online essentials. These new skills will enable me to improve in my school research which is due this semester and also these skills will enable me to format or edit my school report on internship and school assignments. This training is good for the college students to attend so that they can be well equipped with computer knowledge.”
“My name is Jackeline Gire, a student of Nursing, Arua. I am so privileged and humble to receive this training., No words could possibly express how happy. I was when I was informed that I had been chosen to do an online computer training by you to receive some skills, since the Corona virus outbreak I was like what else but however I have gotten some skills in this training you have turned me into somewhat of blessing. Your generosity encourages me not only to continue to be hopeful through this but also to continue on my academic path as future computer literate. I may not be ever being able to say/show this enough to you but that you so much for your kindness. With many thanks and prayers”    
“My name is Yari Celina, a student of Midwifery, Lira.  Dear Caroline and Murye I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your endless support financially and through the knowledge and skills in computer that you instill in us. I can testify to you that I used to do gambling with my laptop but now after the online computer classes, I’m able to work with less difficulties in computer both Microsoft Word and Excel
Therefore may God add you more years so that you can continue to mentor us in all aspects to see that we are successful children in future. THANK YOU FOR WORK WELL DONE for struggling to make us successful always.”    
“My name is Evaline Poni, am a Human Nutrition and Dietetics student at Bukalasa Agricultural College. I give my special thanks to CRESS for having organized this online studies for me and my colleague through the support given such that I could exercise my skills on word processing and spread sheet at Saylor Academy. God bless you. The following are the objectives I have gained during this period of studies, creating new document, saving document in as a word document, editing, formulas, format and many more this has really made a great difference in me and has given me courage to work upon my success. Am very grateful for Caroline for the wonderful gifts of love to see that am not let behind, your unfailing support that you always give to me including my fellows and Scopas for always standing with us you have been of a great help to me. May the good Lord bless Cress UK”    
“My name is Victoria Fred, a student of Human Rights, Mukono. I would love to give thanks to the Lord Almighty for His protection upon our lives and the far He has brought us amidst this pandemic which has robbed us of all our necessary needs of life. As the most parts of the world continue to be in a lockdown, we realize that the education of children has to be paused since schools are being closed for months now. This has affected mostly the finalists whose fate of education is yet to be determined. But in God we trust and we believe He has the best plans for us and that brighter days are yet to come for us, this pandemic has taught us to be united and have strong faith in the Lord.  Thanks a lot to CRESS UK and most especially to Caroline Lamb for taking it upon herself to ensure that we continue learning from home and for that we are very grateful. The data bundles that you sent us were very useful and that we were able to make use of it very well, the course taken was career changing and that I was able to learn so many new things that I had not learnt before. I was able to enroll in some of the courses that I see are useful to my career and that was all possible through your continuous and endless support. I really appreciate everything you’re doing in order to support us and see that we achieve our dreams. Thanks to one of us Murye who also took his time to make sure that we get the required resources for the online training.  Thank you and May God reward you and bless you.     ”    

Cress College Students Connecting Together in all the different districts in Uganda through the online computer Training Program

We love Cress UK and the Diocese of Liwolo

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