Diocese Annual Report 2020-2021

Diocese of Liwolo Annual Report 2020-2021

Messages about DOL

Message from the CEO/Bishop DOL

We give our good God all the glory!! Despite COVID19, massive displacement or eviction of our people, hard refugee life, invasion of cattle herders ravaging the war survivors even with their very little they had, all ways living in food shortage, poverty and no school for children. We have the testimony to tell to the world about our God in Jesus Christ; “O taste and see that the LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting and His faithfulness to all generations. How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” (Psalms 34:8, 100:5)

In the gospel of John chapter 6, we’re told, Jesus used the generosity of a small boy of his five loaves and two fishes to feed the hungry five thousand men. We are indebted to CRESS-UK, Flame International, Kuku community in diaspora, Barnabas funds Uganda, World Vision Uganda, South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Juba, and precept ministry international among others for your generosity not only of prayers,  but more so your materials, and financial support that has come to God as sweet aroma and He has fed not only five thousands but triple,15,000 vulnerable persons for months, provide non-food items to 17,825 beneficiaries, educate 70 students and pupils through the home and school learning, 11,424 treated annual in Jehovah Rapha Clinic, 4 young men rescued from false accusation and were facing deportation,  thousands of mosquito nets provided to mothers, Armed oppositions and government soldiers reached with Gospel of Jesus Christ and turn to God and thousands of souls both Ugandan and South Sudan heard the Gospel despite the lockdown due to COVID 19 through our innovative community laud hailers.

You are and you will still be heroes and heroines in transforming the lives of south Sudanese refugees in Uganda and internally displaced persons in South Sudan from despair to hope, from Ashes to glory, from poverty to prosperity, from war ravaging nation to peaceful, united and strong nation through our partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without you, we could do nothing.

In a very special way, we cannot thank Caroline Lamb, CRESS-UK founder, and CEO for her true friendship. A true friend is that friend who stick with you in a difficult time. We could not imagine what life with you will look like this. You are truly a gift of God.

We are delighted to present to you our annual report that covers pastoral/spiritual, relief, education, healthcare, agriculture, microfinance or village saving loan association(VSLA), highlights of management and administration of the diocese, and financial annual and audit report of three years among others as feedback and accountability to you our esteem and potential partners, the internal Archbishop of central Equatoria and primate and Archbishop of the province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Message from Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jan Ransom MBE of Flame International

I have known Caroline Lamb since 2008 and invited her to come to Kajo Keji, South Sudan in 2009 and I witnessed her passion to help the very poorest in the world. She was quick to assess the needs and set priorities for humanitarian assistance for the people of South Sudan. She returned with us the following year, strengthening relationships, and continuing her research. The next year she founded CRESS and when Flame International returned to Kajo Keji, we met many who were benefitting from the assistance that they were offering, particularly in payment of school fees for children. This had a huge impact on the community.

Over the years we have maintained good relationships not only with Caroline but also with her team leader on the ground, the Rt Revd Bishop Joseph Aba, who is now Bishop of Liwolo Diocese working out of Imvepi Camp near Arua, Uganda. We have returned to Kajo Keji but have also worked in the refugee camps. Bishop Joseph is one of the most inspiring, hardworking, and dedicated Bishops that we have worked with. He has an excellent understanding of the requirements for the people of South Sudan and how to make things work for the benefit of the people whom he leads in his Diocese. He is utterly trustworthy and filled with integrity and ensures the smooth running of CRESS on the ground in Arua.

We completely trust the team in CRESS and we as an organization give occasional donations because we know that the money is well spent.  We have seen the fruit of the work and have heard the enthusiasm and grateful thanks from the recipients of the assistance. CRESS has widened its portfolio to offer health care, agriculture, and financial savings groups, as well as its own education projects.

I strongly endorse the work of CRESS, and I commend them for all the work they have achieved since 2011, I have witnessed first-hand their success.

Message from Venerable Jacob Karaba

I am so privileged to write this on behalf of the faithful of Imvepi Refugee’s settlement, home of 68,029 thousand South Sudanese people and very few Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refugees, 82 percent of the total population are women and children. In the wisdom of the church of Uganda, in collaboration with the leadership of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, the settlement was entrusted to pastoral responsibility of the Episcopal Diocese of Liwolo, under Rt Rev Joseph Nicanor Aba, the diocesan Bishop of Liwolo.

The Anglican church formed the largest population in the settlement from various dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, under the care of a presiding priest who report to the bishop of the diocese of Liwolo. We deeply appreciate the great work of God through the diocese of Liwolo in carrying the vision of being “Christ-Centered, holy spirit filled and holistically transformed lives and communities.

The diocese played active roles in providing to the refuges, holistic pastoral care for traumatic populations, capacity building, educational scholarship, clergy and leadership support, health services, vegetables and fruits growing, village savings and loan association, Covid 19 pandemic food and WAH support and dissemination of COVID 19 awareness through the establishment of Laud hailers that also aid in evangelism and discipleship.

The leadership of the settlement and the entire population of the refugees glorify God and thank the leadership of the diocese of Liwolo, Rt Rev Joseph Nicanor Aba, partners, friends of the diocese, and staff for their love and service that have not only restored hope but have transformed lives.  You have set a model of what it means to be Christian and church; loving people and uniting people and bringing healing to the nation.

Message from LC III Chairperson of Kerwa Subcounty, Yumbe District

Mr. Abajo Moses, the Local council III Kerwa Sub-County – Yumbe district (Uganda government representative) had this message about the DOL clinic performance;

‘’Jehovah Rapha Clinic (JRC)’ achievements in this two years period have emerged out of hard work and sacrifices from all the clinic staff as we have witnessed here on daily basis – the administration of Diocese of Liwolo with its donors (CRESS UK) have committed staffs that form a strong health care delivery team in this Sub-County. Without this clinic, I cannot really tell the number of pregnant mothers, newborn babies and other patients with complicated cases we would have lost in Kerwa Sub-County and even across the

border (South Sudan) – therefore, allow me to say ‘’the Kerwa of today is quite different from the Kerwa of 2016’’ because of this clinic. I have received so many words of thanks from the Yumbe district Health office regarding the quality of services provided by the Jehovah Rapha clinic each time we have meetings at the District level – all this has made me gain weight as I move with full confidence.

Therefore, the administration of Kerwa Sub-County under my leadership is so committed to providing maximum security to all the assets of the clinic including other projects implemented by the diocese of Liwolo, and as will warmly welcome and support any new future developmental plans.

Lastly, I will be so pleased to see the brother (X-rays machine) of this clinic scanner which has not only helped the clinicians at the clinic but also helped our clinicians at Kerwa H/C III especially the midwives in taking a quick decision being brought on the ground – before, I wouldn’t believe a Sub- County like Kerwa will have a scanner even when there was a huge demand for it but through God’s directives, it happened. Therefore, thank you so much for coming to our rescue. May God keep you all safe’’

The Strategic Themes and objectives of the Episcopal Diocese of Liwolo (EDOL)

We uphold a philosophy of “the whole gospel for the whole man” for holistic transformation of the whole person and the community we serve.

Theme#1 Mission, discipleship, and outreach

  • Discipleship and evangelism; reaching out to lost souls, nurturing, growing believers to maturity in Christ Jesus, and transforming every Christian to Make disciples through bible study groups, cell groups, and household fellowships.
  • Worship: passionate to worship God in spirit and truth (John 4:24).
  • Youth and Children Ministry: it is internal and strategic to focus deliberately to reach and holistically discipling youths and children for a strong, healthy, and vibrant church and community
  • Mothers’ Union and Young Christian Families: transformed holistically marriages and families with Christian faith and values.

Theme#2: Socioeconomic Empowerment for sustainable development (SESD) 

  • Sustainable livelihood: The goal is to empower the poor rural household through modern agriculture and in order to increase production and household income.
  • Education: we envision improving the quality and access to Education for poor rural and refugee children in order to thrive
  • Health care: envision healthy, happy, and thriving community with improved access to quality healthcare by strengthening and equipping Jehovah Rapha Clinic with competent staff, a modern laboratory, and a community outreach program

▪ To see children healed from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and living productive lives.

  • Peacebuilding, reconciliation, and Healing: Grassroots peacebuilding, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and justice are fundamental for post-conflict community recovery, rebuilding, and transformation.

Theme#3: To enhance Human and physical capacity building 

  • Human capacity building: to develop the human capital of the diocese and the nation in all fields of professionalism.
  • Intuitional development: building a very strong diocese through developed rule of law, constitution, and policies that enhance transparency, accountability, and good governance and management.
  • Physical infrastructure rebuilding: rebuild the ruins of war-ravaged all church and community infrastructures

Milestones, Statistics, Awards, and Recognitions


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the education system in Uganda as a result of the measures taken by the Ministry of education and the President to close schools for 2 years. We introduced a home learning program for 83 sponsored children and ensured the students were safely kept at home but remained focused and continued with their academic studies. As a result, our candidates passed with excellency compared to the previous years.

Top performers in 2020 Final Examinations who passed with first grades as a result of the home learning

DOL used the period of lockdown to engage their college students to gain work experience in the diocese and others in Jehovah Rapha Clinic. Now, these students graduated and three are retained in the diocese and four have gotten formal employment with NGOs and are doing very well.

Yari Celina Edward was one of our Sponsored Students in midwifery. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank God, the Diocese of Liwolo, and her partner CRESS UK for the Two and a half years scholarship to study Certificate in Midwifery in Lira, Uganda. 

 I devoted all my time and commitment to studying really hard. It has been my desire to help my fellow refugee women in the camps yet I needed this qualification. By the grace of God, I emerged as the best

student all over Uganda in midwifery in the year 2021. I couldn’t believe it. This is a dream that come true. 

When you help a poor little soul with your donations, it’s never in vain, you transform lives and transform the community and the world        

Alia Gloria, lived raised up with her mother and this is what she has to say,” My mother was a very poor lady who could not provide for my basic needs and I do not know the where of my father. Life was very hard and I love school but poverty was before me. A friend introduced me to Bishop Joseph Aba and that became a turning point in my life. He connects me to a sponsor and I went through education until I graduated with a Diploma in Logistics and Procurement. I am now employed with Empower one as a Logistic officer. I am able to support my mother and pursue my dreams in life. I thank EDOL and her partner (more…)

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